Embrace the
digital economy journey
Simple solutions for complex problem.
The integration of information, design and technology.

Future Proof Your Business
With Future Proof Solutions

Full lifecycle technology solutions that reduce complexity. Full-featured cloud solutions that are fully integrated and also integrated with on-premises platforms to deliver a seamless experience.


Open Platform, Open Source Innovation, Enterprise Ready


Core-to-Edge Security, Protection Against Sophisticated Attacks


Eliminate Complexity, Human Error, And Manual Management

Uniting human expert

& computer insights

Solving complex business challenges with machine learning built into your business processes, you can achieve more with less, and stay ahead of the competition.

Omnichannel Customer Experience. Extend CRM into your stores.

Deliver a unified customer experience with omnichannel engagement. Create personalized, i-context offers at the moment of decision, and provide exceptional service in store, online, and on mobile devices.

Create customer experiences that exceed expectations through real-time customer data & insights

Manage and process customer orders and returns from any channel.

Seamless brick-and-mortar and digital store commerce operation

Engage customers and drive revenue with omnichannel commerce

Real-time visibility into all facets of your business

Integrate your software applications and get more from your IT investment. Automate your business processes for procurement, invoicing, expenses management, and more.

Faster key
business processes

Automation through predictive analytics

Next generation business processes

Predictive insights for financial planning & analysis

Automated accounting & financial close

Create customer
for life

Turn your visitors into loyal customers

Personalize your customer experience across your business

Personalized omnichannel commerce experience for industry-specific use cases

Sell more through enhanced selling experience

Get actionable insights
on the fly

Self service big data analytics to improve business functions

Next generation data warehouse, reporting & analysis

Collaboration planning across line of businesses

Embedded machine learning and analytics for enterprise planning

Preconfigured processes
for your line of business

Pre-packaged, ready-to-use reference solution for industry-specific uses

Pre-configured workflows, reports, business processes hierarchies, scenarios, and more

Interoperable services through highly tailorable capability

Scale delivery to ensure consistent quality business wide

integration approach

Get expert collaboration and services for your business application implementation and integration success with Blue Vinegar professional services. From planning, design, implementation or migration, our services are tailored to suite your specific needs and desired outcomes.

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