About Us

Sustainable business requires a sustainable enterprise resource planning to manage its business.

About Blue Vinegar

We create sustainable system that enables integration among sustainable processes, information and data on every level of the organisations’ value chain.

Addressing today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities with flexibility, speed, and insight.

Blue Vinegar came a long way in helping business organizations improve efficiencies, monetize in new market at a faster pace. Through our years of experience dealing with ERP solutions, we have enabled companies to capture every opportunity in today’s digital world. Our common practice in removing common obstacles is associated with legacy ERP applications, such as batch latency, complex landscapes, and manually-driven processes.

Addressing Business Challenges

Next-generation business automation is a game-changer. Introducing automation to key functions and signal users when input is required with intelligent functionality and learning capabilities.

Run next-generation business processes

Understand financial performance in real time, so you can optimize finance processes – from planning and analysis to period end close and treasury management.

Increase visibility and agility across your digital supply chain by leveraging machine learning for logistics, manufacturing, and asset management.

Achieve insights across your business

Get the big picture of operations and take advantage of customer insights to help you in your marketing, sales, and service teams work with greater productivity, grow revenue, and accelerate opportunities.

Strengthening your marketing strategy

Extend product capabilities by using APIs and middleware within a business ecosystem to build apps, extensions, and open integration with your ERP systems.

Accelerate your deployment while minimizing risk by leveraging on our best practices, tools, methodologies, and solution expertise to accelerate time-to-value.