Maximized bottom line
through optimized asset performance
Connected fleet increases operational visibility
Streamline transportation and logistics

Key Highlights

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Connecting every stakeholders in the supply chain through tracking and notification in real-time.


Automating everything from work-shift, job request, job dispatch, route optimization, and more.
Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Connecting everything that matters, from cargo, fleet of vehicles, employees, and more.
Data Insights

Data Insights

Industry-standard report templates, and APIs integration for actionable insights.

Job optimiztion means more delivery with less fuel

Automatically optimizes job schedule. Last minute delivery is automatically scheduled using route optimization, hence, reducing idle time, mileage and fuel consumption.

Unleash the full potential of on demand delivery platform

Automated delivery for any B2B business. Take advantage of open APIs available to extend independent courier delivery capabilities using your existing business applications.

Seamless user experience through simplified development code, and shorten development time. Application integration and process automation are simplified through pre-built test scripts for continuous integration/ continuous delivery.

Simplifying the challenges of multichannel eCommerce warehouse operations

Our nextgeneration warehouse management solution enables you to take full control of your order processing, restocking, barcoding, auditing, reporting, and real time inventory management across the entire supply chain.

Is managing 20,000 fleets a challenge to you?

Comfortably manage large number of fleets and get real-time insights into your business operations.

Let us help you with your fleet management journey.