Getting optimum yield
with reduced cost
Sustainable agriculture starts here
Support wide arrays of crop types

Key Highlights

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Full financial and operational visibility from field, site office to headquarter.


Digitizing human-intensive plantation field operations, improving crop health, irrigation, fertilization and more.
Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Increasing yield and crop quality through highly reliable data for crop health check, irrigation management, variable spraying and more.
Data Insights

Data Insights

Utilizing machine learning to generate unmatched prediction for unprecedented crop yield.

Simplifying back-office automation

Providing real-time visibility across all aspects of critical agriculture infrastructure and operations.

digital farming overview

Addressing highly complex agriculture industry needs

Improving yield outcomes at a lowered cost. Adding value to the ever demanding buyer-consumer supply chain.

Enable your digital farming journey and increase yield by taking part in the IoT for agriculture revolution. Take advantage of the best of breed agriculture industry automation coupled with Internet of Things and machine learning for unprecedented results.

precision agriculture machine learning

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