Become an Intelligent Enterprise with Blue Vinegar ERP solutions

Blue Vinegar’s ERP solutions are the core business applications that enable businesses to integrate end-to-end cross functional next generation business processes so that companies can achieve operational efficiency.

Driving operational efficiency with cloud ERP

Blue Vinegar offers a variety of industry-leading ERP solutions to help you grow, innovate, and optimize time and resources in any size of business organization.

Cloud ERP: Next-generation ERP solution for future enterprises

Manage your business processes with improved ERP performance and keeping up with times. Highly cost effective, ready-to-deploy, enhanced security, real-time analytics.

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Learn more about the benefits of cloud ERP solutions

Smart & Adaptable

Leverage intelligent ERP with built-in machine learning, predictive analytics, and optimised processes.

Fast & Affordable

Ready-to-deploy enterprise software solutions, world-class infrastructure with flexibility in business processes.

Secure & Reliable

Global scale infrastructure, industry-standards and compliance with best in class security and availability.

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Why Blue Vinegar for cloud ERP

Solutions for all

Whether you have two or 200,000 employees, Blue Vinegar has the right solution to help you address your business challenges.

Industry Leading Technology

We use the latest, industry-leading technologies to build future-proof Cloud ERP solutions that will power the next generation of business.


Whether you want to customise processes, use the public or private cloud, or pay only for what you need, flexibility is at the core of our offerings.