Mobile Application Performance Optimization

Understanding what is happening in your mobile app stack

Pinpoint and fix every detail, error, and throughput from every corner.

Diagnose and fix errors

Identify and fix what is broken in your mobile app and backend systems—whether it’s a crash, exception, or slow screen change.

  • Discover and resolve problems faster, including network failures or HTTP errors, with the mobile APIs that back your native mobile app.

  • Get alerted on bad version releases.

  • Reproduce issues faster with event trails

Mobile user experience

Understanding the truth behind your mobile customer experience. Spot and fix mobile app issues that cause crash, such as misconfiguration, and more. Regain your brand reputation with unprecedented user experience.

  • Drill into crashes, errors, and slowness for your more important cohorts and segments of your user base.

  • Get real-time insight into what your users are experiencing and how they’re engaging with your app.

Aligning your business & apps 

Connect the dots from your users to your business. Give mobile development team, backend ops, and business leaders a clear understanding of how your mobile business is doing—so you can protect your user engagement, churn rate, and revenue.

  • Make sure your users aren’t dropping from crashes, errors, or slowness.

  • Teams can rally around the same dashboards and alerts in real time, so you can prioritize and resolve problems quickly.

  • See the full picture on how your mobile app connects to your backend systems and your business as a whole.

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